Aanraad, Jos Aanraad ….. (born. 1945)

The painter Jos Aanraad was born in the village of Oud-Gastel in 1945. In elementary school, Jos was an unobtrusive student who lived in his own dream world. During the lessons his attention wandered a lot, and he was often drawing, from his school time some sketches were kept. Jos turned out to be a natural talent, as early as 1957, he won the first prize at a drawing contest. From elementary school, Jos went to the LTS, since he followed the home painter\\\'s education, which he has been for many years. In those years he studied drawing lessons and and painted in his spare time. What made him particularly good was the fact that he was often home during the winter months so he could develop further. The magazine \\\"Drawing and Painting\\\" put him in a new track in 1987, in the January issue of 1988, several pictures of Jos were published, including his head of 1982. In 1988, Jos followed a course of still life painting by the painter Cornelis Lemair, here he worked with a seventeenth-century color palette, and he continued with that in his own style. Since 1992, Jos has been working full-time as a painter in his own studio. His preference goes out to making still life, but of course he also makes portraits, landscapes etc. usually commissioned.

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