Bont, W. de Bont, Willem de Bont born 1953-

Willem de Bont (1953) started out as a graphic designer using an abstract, expressive style. Dissatisfied with his artistic product he started to look for other options. The revaluation of figuration cleared the way for a radical change of direction. De Bont has applied himself totally to painting still-life since 1988. For the last few years he has chosen unframed, sturdy, rounded panels to carry his paintings. The images continue onto the edges of the panel. The robust character of the panels is in complete harmony with his painting technique and choice of objects. The simple, somewhat farm-like subjects that he chooses - jugs, bowls and bottles, bread and fruit - are laid down swiftly using solid strokes. Because of the combination of this unpolished way of painting and the true-to-nature expression of the different materials, his still-lives have a lively, playful character.

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