Noort, A.C. van Noort, Arie Kees van Noort born 1914-2003

A.C. van Noort, named Arie-Kees, was born in Bennebroek (NL) 8th March, 1914. Leaving school early in 1928 at the age of 14, he started working in his father’s painting company. He attended evening classes with the eccentric Haarlem art painter Fréderic Boot, who also tutored great artists like Kees Verwey and Anton Heijboer. During daytime Van Noort worked as a house painter, whilst in the evening hours he painted art in his room. In 1942 he became member of the art society \"Kunst zij ons Doel\". It would be not for some time that Van Noort would devote his time solely to the art of painting. This did not prevent him winning several awards. H.F. Boot appreciated his works and was know to comment: “even if he (Van Noort) would paint using his boots, still the structure would show…”. The famous Kees Verwey appreciated his work even more, he bought a painting to present it to one of the most famous writers in Holland, Godfried Bomans. Van Noort never was able to paint a complete collection, so quick his paintings would sell. In 1977 he gave up house painting altogether and made his breakthrough as an artist. Exhibiting in Basel and Geneva (CH), Knokke (B) and Paris (F) he had immediate success, even, but especially, in United States. Van Noort was a down-to-earth, quiet man with a positive look at life. A rare attitude in a world where conceitedness is common. Alas, A.C. Van Noort died Sunday 29th June 2003. The Historical Museum Deventer own several works of his hand.

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