Voerman, J.Voerman jr., Jan Voerman jr. born 1890-1976

Jan Voerman Jr. (1890 - 1976) Jan Voerman Jr. was born in Hattem on the river IJssel. As son of the painter, Jan Voerman Sr., he was introduced to drawing and painting at an early age. At the age of only fifteen, he was given his first assignment by his grandfather Verkade, of the company with the same name famous for their chocolate and biscuits. He was charged with producing illustrations on natural themes nature for the ‘Verkade Albums\'. While his father had specialised mainly in landscapes, Jan Jr. himself specialised in still-life paintings. In a very delicate manner he painted flowers and fruit, bearing a strong resemblance to the seventeenth century masters. In an interview, Jan Jr. said. ‘When I draw a plant, I am that plant. It only has to come alive\'. And with his skills, the plant came to life.

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