Vreedenburgh, C. Vreedenburgh, Cornelis Vreedenburgh 1880-1946

Cornelis Vreedenburgh (1880 - 1946) Cornelis Vreedenburgh was born in 1880 in Woerden. During his life he stayed loyal to the impressionistic style of painting of the Haagse School. He developed his own style which is somewhat similar to Luminisme, with the use of light, delicate touches of paint. Vreedenburgh\'s painted mainly landscapes, water and city scenes. He produced much of his work in Zuid Holland with its many lakes. He lived between 1906 until 1912 in Reeuwijk, Warmond and Noorden. In 1917 he settled with his wife, the painter Marie Schotel (1884-1953), in Laren. At that time, Vreedenburgh began painting his most important subject: Amsterdam city scenes. Later, he also would focus on harbour views and building activities in the city. Cornelis Vreedenburgh was born in Woerden on August 25th, 1880 and was a loyal follower of The Hague School Impressionism all his life. His characteristic style of short, often colourful strokes and highlights, has a luminous feel to it that is totally his own. His father, who painted himself and had a large painting company, gave him his first drawing lessons when he was very young. He went on to study with the famous artists Willem Tholen and Paul Arntzenius. Vreedenburgh had a fondness for water landscapes and together with his former tutor and friend Tholen, he often travelled outdoors near waterways and rivers to paint. After his marriage to the painter M. Schotel they spent some time together in the village of Saint Tropez in the south of France. Back in Holland they settled in the small town of Hattem for a time but eventually moved to the “Gooi” and the town of Laren later on. Vreedenburgh returned to Amsterdam, the city that captivated him, on a regular basis to paint the canals and “grachtenpanden”. During a study trip to Palestine and a commissioned trip to the “Holy Land” of Israël, Vreedenburgh produced many sketches and studies in watercolour and oil paint. In 1937 Queen Wilhelmina bought two of his paintings, “Cows in the Meadow” and “The Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam”. The latter was stolen in the Second World War by the German forces and has never been found. Vreedenburgh was a member of the artist society “Pulchri Studio” in The Hague, “Lucas” in Laren and “Arti et Amicitae” in Amsterdam. He won numerous medals for his work during his lifetime, including a silver medal in San Francisco, the Willink van Collen Prize through Art et Amicitiae and a bronze medal in Arnhem. Vreedenburgh died in Laren on June 27th, 1946. Exhibitions Cornelis Vreedenburgh (1880-1946) terug in Woerden, 25 Mar. - 25 Jun. 2000, Stadsmuseum Woerden, The Netherlands collections Work by Cornelis Vreedenburgh is represented in the collection of diverse major Dutch museums, among others the Singer Museum in Laren, Centraal Museum Utrecht and Stadsmuseum Woerden.

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