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Erich Mercker – German painter connected to Munich, where he came in 1906 and began to study at Polytechnic College. He completed his education in Berlin. During the I World War he turned to paintry. Then he travelled around Europe, very often visiting seasides. In 1937 he took part in The World Exhibition in Paris where he was awarded with gold medal. During the II World War he lived in Munich, then in Allgäu; in 1954 he returned to Munich. Since 1921 he was a member, and in 1964-1965 a chairman of Munich artists’ society (Künstlergenossenschaft). Mercker was a landscape painter – he painted mountain landscapes and seascapes, views from Italian and German cities. Most of all he specialized in city and industrial views. He painted landscapes from The Ruhra, Hamburg harbors, bridges and roads constructions, industrial plants, etc. He also painted many pictures devoted to important concerns (MAN, Wilhelm Ironworks, Dortmunder Union).


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