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Eduard Pieter Moleveld received his first painting lessons from his father, the foot- painter Pieter Moleveld. Eduard took a five-year course in the United States, at the Academy in Minneapolis. His painting was highly appreciated in the U.S. and he received two art awards. Moleveld’s oeuvre can be divided into two categories: in the first place his still life compositions (with are undoubtedly his strongest side), and secondly his purely magic-realist paintings. His works are characterised by extreme precision and perfectly true-to-life rendering of the subject. Moleveld analyses the colour and shape of his subjects with great accuracy before committing them to the canvas. Eduard Pieter Moleveld has clearly staked out a niche of his own in the present- day world of Dutch painting. As a professional artist he attracts wide interest. His works have already been on display at many exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.


Moleveld, E.P.Moleveld, Ed Moleveld born 1946Total 39 in Collection


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